DDL Equipment (Pty) Ltd

DDL Equipment, a leader in docking solutions and productivity doors, boast over 40 years of material handling industry experience. Our commitment to service excellence ensures our customers are equipped with the best solution for their unique applications.

DDL Equipment has leveraged its close relationships with Alpha Deuren and Nergeco to bring top quality productivity and overhead sectional doors into the regional market. Our big advantage is that we manufacture our sealing solutions and dock levellers locally, enabling quicker installation and a much quicker service turnaround time.

DDL Equipment has a diverse staff compliment that brings to the table, decades of specialist skill that can’t be matched by our competition. We pride ourselves on efficient delivery of cost-effective solutions that enables business across many different industries.

We here at DDL Equipment take a holistic approach to our client relationship management.

Not only are we able to build, deliver and install custom solutions, but we provide world-class after-sales support, through our regional service centre, to ensure your investment remains in operation for many years to come.

mission and vision

DDL Expansion

  • To serve the South African Industry
  • To serve the Sub-Saharan Africa region
  • Uphold and improve the principals in  Docking Equipment
  • Keep abreast with latest trends
  • Keep S A Industries updated at all times through architects, consulting engineers, etc
  • Network with other members under the umbrella of materials handling


The Umbrella of Materials Handling

DDL’s passion, enthusiasm, drive and belief  in Materials Handling in South Africa:

  • From… raw Materials (fields, forests, mines, water/lakes)
  • By… road, rail, sea or air
  • Through… Factories, process plants, manufacturing, storage and distribution
  • To… shops, supermarkets, corner cafes and clubs